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RIP Snowflake (Snowy) 🐾❤️

16 June 2017
RIP Snowflake (Snowy) 🐾❤️ Snowflake and Bowie came into to CP care 26/04/17 due to the death of their owner.
Quite early on we found a new home in Oxenholme for Bowie with a lovely couple who gave him a new lease of life!
Sadly Snowy was not so lucky. On examination at the Vets; she had arthritis and high blood pressure.
 We were also informed that tests revealed early signs of Kidney disease.
However she was able to live her last few months in the loving care of our Volunteer fosterer; Christine Latimer.
These last few days have been very difficult for Snowy and upon Vetinary advice her kidney failure she was euthanised 16/06/17 in the comfort of Christine's home.
It was very peaceful and quick.
Snowy's ashes will remain with Christine and we all here at West Cumbria Cats Protection will remember Snowy with affection for the lovely;kind natured cat that she was.
Thank you to West Lakeland Vetinary practice for all of their help and support.